Sunday, September 17, 2006

Osokool Chiller

With the caravan we also got an original Osokool evaporation chiller.
From what I have been told you place a cupfull of water daily onto the circular indentation on the top and this keeps the unit cool. The inside is lined with metal (see picture) and we have the original packaging and repair kit too.

Cooling units powered by natural evaporation, clean & eco-friendly.First built in 1962 these are environmentally friendly coolboxes,which work on the evaporative principle,the transfer of latent heat by absorption. No gas or electricity is required just a cup full of water added daily to keep the liner moist. The water is then carried around the inner cabinet & as it evaporates the interior is cooled.It is not a refrigerator but it will continue to work long after an icepack has melted in a standard coolbox.

Fitted by motor caravan manufacturers as original equipment in the 60’

Poulard Awning

The awning is sold specifically for the Thomson Mini Glen and has original:
Original Canvas Bags


Thomson Caravans

The Thomson Mini Glens were manufactured by Dan Thomson's Trailer Caravans of Falkirk. I have been told that the caravans were made in Scotland however the factory is now a housing estate!

Poulard Awning:

we have an original Poulard Mini Glen awning (you bought one specifically for your caravan, details to be added!) We have the original instructions, booklet and also order form and prices). We also have the original poulard groundsheet however would love to obtain a toilet annexe too.

Poulard apparently invented the 'Poulard strip' (the runner on the majority of caravans now that the awning attaches to! (clarification to follow)

Osocool chiller

We also got an original Osocool evaporation chiller/fridge. Complete in original packaging and also with the original 'repair kit' (a labelled bag of white powder to fill any cracks)

Our Thompson Mini Glen

Here you will find pictures and comments about the caravan we have recently become the owners of.